Finest Dresden Christmas stollen made by the Stollen Bakery

We sell genuine Dresden Christmas stollen,

certified with quality seal. Made by master bakers in adherence to ancient traditional recipes, our Stollen Bakery offers classic Dresden Stollen, almond stollen, chocolate stollen, baumkuchen (spit cake), stollen sweetmeat and selected delicious cookies. Our range furthermore comprises silver-plated or real silver stollen knives and stollen plates handmade by craftsmen from the Erzgebirge.

Dresdner Christstollen im Präsentkarton
OriginalDresdner Christstollen
Dresdner Christstollen in Scheiben

Exklusive Dresdner Stollen,

in the gift box is still as delicious as it used to be in the good old days. We love baking stollen. For decades, our handmade Dresden Stollen has been making our customers’ Christmas seasons even sweeter.

Dresdner Stollen aus dem Stollenofen

Stollen from the nostalgic bakery.

Direct shipment of handmade traditional Dresden Christmas stollen.

Buttern und Zuckern der Dresdner Christstollen

The rich experience of four generations,

passion for detail, selected ingredients and the joy we feel for our work - all this makes a most special Dresden Christmas stollen. As if some of these secret ingredients were used for baking each and every stollen.

nächster Abschnitt über unsere  Stollen

Testimonials we receive from customers all over the world

tell of childhood memories, nice Christmas surprises, culinary delights and heavenly scents. Read more in our guestbook.

zufriedener Stollenkunde 2000g Stollen super Geschenk Stollenlieferung prompt Stollen verführerisch seid 11 Jahren Stollenkundin 22 Jahre zufriedener Kunde bester Dresdner Stollen ansprechende Stollen-Verpackung
Dresdner Stollen ein ideales Geschenk

Dresden Stollen - a perfect present,

We quickly ship to any requested address at the requested time and with your personal greeting card.

Dresden Stollen as promotional gift?

In more than 15 years in online mail-order we gained plenty of experience with various customer requests. Therefore, we will find the best solution even for very specific needs. Promotional gift - Dresden Christmas stollen Click here to view our corporate services. We’ll gladly provide you with a quotation.

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