Almond Stollen


The Almond Stollen does not contain raisins, but a higher almond portion. Delivery in attractive present package or decoration box. Our Almond Stollen are free of preservation and artificial flavouring agents.

Storage life: 30 days.
Please make sure to keep the Almond Stollen in a cool (5-12°C) and dry storage place without substantial temperature variations (avoidance of condensate). You will thus you ensure full enjoyment over the entire storage life.

Shipping only from 15 November - 20 December.
Orders are accepted from 1 November.

The following ingredients are used:
Wheat flour, brand butter, fresh whole milk, sweet almonds, sugar, yeast, bitter almonds, butter oil, rum, candied lemon peel, candied orange peel, salt, vanilla, spices,

decoration: butter, sugar, icing sugar